Waste skip
Innovative waste management and lean solutions in challenging environments.

Aluminium and Steel Scrap
We provide just in time (JIT) raw materials to support your manufacturing needs.

Recycling Solutions For Companies

recycling solutions

Recycling Solutions

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    Material sales

    Raw Materials At Your Desired Price-level

    We provide competitive just-in-time solutions leveraging our experience, strategic partnerships and logistics infrastructures at our disposal. Hence we are able to deliver cost savings and efficiencies in most developed and emerging markets.

    Product Groups

    Product Groups

    Our hybrid Sales team will be glad to receive your requests. If you are interested in buying recycled materials/raw materials, contact us using the form below. Select at least one material option and give us as much details as possible.


      Key performance indicators

      At SAILHAUS we are agile, flexible and ambitious in creating value for our partners. In rapidly and continuous changing world, we are proactive in our markets and across our product groups. 

      • Global Presence
        10+ countries  
      • Headquarters
      • 0% Bargain On Quality
      • Cost-driven & Inventive: Optimize resources efficiently and avoiding useless expenses. 

      Customer-focused, Innovative, Agile

      SAILHAUS BV is a global trading company with HQ in Belgium. We are specialists in commodities and production wastes from Papers, Polymers and Plastics. We also excel trading ferrous and non ferrous materials to meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers.

      As a dynamic and growing company, we strive to provide value to our customers. This requires effective negotiations but also proper shipping arrangements, financing, insurance and reliable transaction administration and coordination. We continuously develop our processes and know-how through continuous learning and material mastery by our sourcing team and accurate identification of our customers needs by our sales team.

      We engage in long-term collaboration with our customers and partners, developing our products and services to ensure the continuity of operations, customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and safety. We valorize waste, returning raw materials into the value chain.

      Contact information

      Pontstraat 91, 8791,
      Waregem, Belgium.

      Tel: +32466901286

      Contact Information

      Environment and safety

      We save natural resources, cut down energy consumption and reduce the amount of waste and its harmful environmental impacts by recycling and reusing materials. Efficient recovery and processing of recyclable materials into high-quality industrial raw materials has been part of our mission statement from the very beginning.
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